Thank you for referring your patients to the Edmonton Ear Clinic.  We will
 do our best to see your patient's in a timely fashion and ensure all of their
 ear needs are met.

 Our other tertiary clinics are Multidisciplinary Clinics:
* Cochlear Implant Clinics (please check appropriate box -
  Potential CI Patient)
* BAHA Clinics
* Skull Base Clinics
* Complex Ear Clinics
* Vertigo Clinics

Please fill out our standard referral form to have your patient seen.  Please ensure that all pertinent information is provided on the referral form.

*Please be aware that audiological testing is no longer required 
with new referral.

If a referral is being sent solely for audiology services and not for Dr.Ho, we ask that you please fill out our new Audiology Referral Form.


If you wish to check on a referral, please email us at and be sure to include all patient information, including the reason for referral, on the patient you are 
inquiring about.   

We will endeavor to get back to you within three-five business days.